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English Visitor Information

The Nagoya City Museum is closed for renovation.


Welcome to Nagoya City Museum!

 The Nagoya City Museum is a Museum of History established in 1977 (Showa 52).
Archaeological materials, art, industrial arts, documents, books, and people’s materials were collected, preserved, kept and exhibited in it.

In addition to the Permanent Exhibition of “History of Owari”, Special Exhibitions and Project Exhibitions have taken place from 5 to 7 times each year.

In addition, there is a Study stand where you may touch the materials directly on the 2F.

At the lecture hall on the B1, Lecture event and Cinema events are held.

At the art gallery on the 3F, many exhibitions take place for the citizens to present their art works to the public.

Please come to see the Nagoya City Museum.

常設展 尾張の歴史

Permanent Exhibition of “History of Owari”

 At the fertile Nobi plain facing the Ise bay, the people had lived in various ways since Paleolithic Period. It is this Permanent Exhibition of “History of Owari” that is going to explain the history of them by the remaining “materials” in our hands.


Nagoya City Museum

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